Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Hello Everyone!

I hope you people are free this Saturday afternoon/ evening because our classmate, Vincent, is coming down from the North! I know some of us have met last Saturday because we wanted to _______________, but unfortunately (or thankfully) we didn't _______________. So let's not think about how we can _______________ anymore but let's meet up this Sat again! I hope those officers-to-be are out of their camps by then! If anyone has any suggestions or anything please tag the board! (You can be the first to revive it!)

Oh, one more thing, I promised Sherene to ask the class if anyone is interested in a picnic at Marina Barrage. According to Sherene, it's a fun place to be at night because you can shine torches down on couples who are making out. So if you have any ideas you can always tag the board! :)

Hopefully we can all meet on Sat!!:)


Saturday, March 14, 2009

Class gathering again? :D

hmms since the guys are all on block leave, let's have another gathering k! haha so erm got some choices. since samm, sherene, carin are the loyal readers, here are the options :P


2.Just dinner/some other activities.

PS: Cute Shu Min is not free on Tues, Thus and Sunday HAHAHAHAHAHA *hint hint*

PSS: This Sat is Founders' Day as well as another special day :P :P OMG i rmb got this school dinner on Sat right? let's snub them. wah lao pay $35 to makan at sch field.

Cute Shu Min

Sunday, February 22, 2009

NHK ni Youkoso!

AHAHA watch and love!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009


While we're on the Korean topic, let's get to know some Korean bands!!!


Consisting of 5 members: TOP (22), G-dragon (21), Seungri (19), Daesung (20), Taeyang (21)
Their music uses mainly hip-hop beats and fast rap! Go listen to them! :D


Nobody nobody but chuu~ 5 members as well: Yu Bin (21), Ye-Eu (20), Sun-Ye (20), Sun Mi and So Hee (both 17) Omgggg how's it seeing ppl younger than us richer and more famous!!!

Girls Generation

If 5 isn't enough to start a band the more the merrier let's have NINE! So many members I lazy...but eye candy lah hor.


There's always a band that's too young to be true. Sporting colourful shirts, layered outfits and with infectious music, SHINee looks set to stay on the scene (esp when other bands go to army)....
5 members as well, this is going to hurt...Onew (20), Jonghyun (19), Key (18), Minho(18), Taemin (16) all damn young with very long careers ahead.


For people who don't like figuring out who's who in bands and people who can't match faces with names, K.Will is here to offer you thoughtful ballads and melodies! With looks like Daesung of Big Bang, his latest song with MC Mong (MONG!) is the hippest thing to come by!



They are how True Men should be. 5 members, very distinctive cos they always stand in the same lineup, from left, Xiah Junsu (23), Micky Yoochun (23), Hero Jaejoong (23), Max Changmin (21), Yunho U know (23). i think the age got some problem cos very weird leh. Nvm nvm. Sherene can say more about them.

These bands will be around for a while and let's enjoy them (while they last omg).

For now, let's predict the next big band to come around from SINGAPORE 07S76! :D

IS THIS THE NEXT BIG THING? With 7 members they are a highly talented batch! From left to right, it's Chua Wangshu, Ang Shao Jie, Carlos Yang, Vincent, Zhengtao, Tragic and Weiliang!! Who is the leader, who sings the lead vocals? Who's the rapper? Girls let's vote on the tagboard for:

1) Rapper
2) Lead Vocals
3) Soprano Vocals
4) Creative composer
5) Lead Dancer
6) Tenor Vocals
7) Biggest fanbase

This group also needs a group name! What shall it be?

1) 6 guys and a gal
2) Wonderboys
3) Boys Generation
4) Anything else just tag

The group is managed by 07S76.
Missing guys are : Shengwei, Jeremy, Mong Heng. omg this one can form another group.

Last sunday a few of us caught breakout at the esplanade! for those people who didnt watch (LIKE TAYJIAYUAN who sold me her ticket) we must catch it together when they come back again! The next time I'm going to make sure I get a centre block left side aisle seat in the 6th row from the front because I want to take picture with them! AHHHHHHH~!

Anyway I went to google them and this was what I found! too bad they didn't have any pictures from the hospital scene (the most happening scene)! haha

The crazy car scene

Part of the jail scene - Check out those breakdancing moves

This pic is dedicated to sherene. Guess who she likes! She likes that old man and funny guy ( I can't rmb which one, but he's very ugly)
I like the 3 girls (they are the nuns in this pic)! haha

(mic just said that it might not be the same group of dancers in this pic.... don't be too disappointed sherene! I bet you found your futurebf/husband in taiwan already)

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Let's have great adeventures

Package 1: Wild Adeventures
1.Night Safari ($22)
2.Zoo ($18)
3.Sungei Buloh
4.Pulau Semakau
5.Pulau Ubin
6.Pulau asj (where he went)

Package 2: Green Adeventures + Picnic
1.Marina Barrage
2.East Coast Park

Package 3: Wallet Adeventures
1.Dinner at any food outlet
4.Katong Karaoke
5.Man Utd VS Chelsea (11th Jan, Old Trafford)
Man Utd Vs Liverpool (14th Mar, Old Trafford)

Package 4: Sporty Adeventures
1.Sentosa ($3)
2.Hwa Chong Institution
4.Ice Skating (Kallang Leisure Park)
5.Sno City (okaaay pricey)
6.Lilliputt mini golf ($15 for students)
7.Escape ($17.70, $14.70 for NTUC members)
8.Wild Wild Wet ($15.50, $10.80 for NTUC members)

Package 5: Sure-die Adeventures
1.Singapore Flyer

Package 6: Smart Aleck Adeventures
1.Science Centre ($6) + IMAX movie ($10)

Any suggestions tag the board thanks. tag package number individual number thanks :D For example, if I want go watch football i'll tag package3, number5.

Sunday, December 21, 2008


Hey all!

Class gathering on the 24th! Here are the details

Yuki Yaki @ Marina Square (I think...cos I left the piece of paper somewhere)
Lunch Buffet
$24.60 nett (according to the person got steamboat, BBQ, icecream...)
Meet 12.45pm at City Hall MRT D

Please bring a pair of socks in case we decide to go bowling :D

I'll message everyone again sometime soon! :D